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Hi, I am Minda Stackelhouse. I am passionate about working for students, staff, and my community.

Minda Stackelhouse's Bio:

Minda Stackelhouse has 25 years experience in the educational field.  She is a highly skilled and student-focused educational leader. Minda is a passionate leader that puts herself into the work of serving children, families, and her community. She possess a strong commitment to the development of students, staff, and providing a stimulating, safe, and motivating learning environment. Minda is a dynamic, visionary leader and a solid team player with a proven track record in collaborating with the school community, building lasting relationships with all stakeholders, increasing student academics, and maintaining excellence in education.     The most recent example of this is the work Minda has been a part of with the Oro Grande School District. Minda was a part of the team that committed themselves to re-envisioning high school as a team in the XQ Super School Challenge. Minda worked with students, community leaders, business owners, local politicians, and schools to survey over 150 people about what they would change about high school. The team is so proud of the fact that they made it into the semi-finals of the XQ challenge. What an accomplishment for the community and the school district.     Minda has led a school team to earn the distinction of becoming a Covey Lighthouse school, only one of 17 schools in the nation. She is a co-author of the Victor Elementary School District Careers Curriculum, Bridges K-16 curriculum which is used throughout the High Desert and California to help students transition into college seamlessly, and has developed an extensive leadership training program. This program was used to train current and future leaders on leadership skills, evaluating staff, organizational leadership, and professional development. In conjunction with these programs Minda has co-write multiple grants. 

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Community Relations, Social Activism, Student Leadership, Organizational Leadership. Quality Management, Student Learning, K-12 Education, Charter Schools, College and Career Readiness

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